First Ponderings

Here is my first post.  Not too sure what to write today, but I wanted to start a blog.  It seems a good way to share my thoughts on life, or just silly ramblings.  I hope to be regular about this, we’ll see how that goes! 🙂

Right now, my husband and I are ministering in a small, American Baptist church in Hillsdale, MI.  Hillsdale is a small town that prides itself on being a safe place to raise kids.  We have come to see that this could very easily mean they don’t want to move forward with the rest of society. We live out in the country, in the church’s parsonage. It’s a big, beautiful, white house.  It’s much larger than just 2 people and a dog need, but we’re thankful for it. God has blessed us with this house.
This week it seems I’ll be dealing with some kind of cold/sinus thing. I was hoping I’d make it through the spring w/out incident, but alas, no such luck! I hope it passes quickly…
More later when my brain’s not so foggy…

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