Plundering the Gates of Hell

We have been moved, at a recent conference, to plunder the gates of hell. David and I have since been thinking about what this means exactly. There are lots of ways to do this: invite people to church, witness, share the gospel message. But, is that enough? Don’t we also need to LIVE the way Christ wants us to live? Don’t we need to build relationships and in turn, be a witness? We have started asking ourselves the question, am I being “me” focused or “them” focused? It’s very thought-provoking. It makes you think about everything you do in life and in church life. Is your life reflecting that you are “them” focused? Is your church run in such a way to bring “them” in and not to just keep “me” comfortable? Hard questions to answer sometimes. As a pastor’s wife, what is my role in this? To answer simply, I don’t have a role as a pastor’s wife, I have a role as a Christian. This needs to be my outlook. I don’t do these things because I’m the wife of a pastor, but rather because I need to be obedient to things the Lord has called me to.

I leave you with one question: are you doing all you can to plunder the gates of hell today?


One thought on “Plundering the Gates of Hell

  1. The church I’ve been attending here in CT has been wrestling with the same idea but they have taken a little different angle. Rather than the “bring ‘them’ in” trad thing they are going with the “church scattered” thing. You might want to google I’m sure there is lots out there as this church isn’t known for originality. 🙂

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