A Day for Mom

Happy Mother’s Day to all you fabulous mommy’s out there!

Today was a tough day for me. Tougher than usual. It’s mother’s day today and well, I’m not a mom.  I have many ask me if I intend to get pregnant and if I intend to ever have children–as though it’s completely up to me and David. Of course the answers are always, “yes, if God wills.” I am left with the question today, does God will for me and David to have children?  I don’t know.  I know that we both desire to have children, we both desire to grow up little ones to be lovers of our Lord, but does GOD will it?  Don’t you wish, sometimes, that God would send a memo, an email, a blog comment to let you know His plans?  I sure do!  Today as everyone was telling me “Happy Mother’s Day” as though they were saying, “Merry Christmas” I prayed and prayed that seeds of bitterness would NOT be able to set foot in my heart.
Our church is particularly interesting about Mother’s Day and David and I always struggle.  Not just with out own things, but also for the women out in the congregation that may not have children due to abortion, adoption, miscarriage, etc.  Don’t get me wrong, I am SO thankful for my mom, mom-in-law and David’s step-mom.  They all have special places in our lives and play such a significant role in our lives today. We love them so much!!!!!  I love my sister who has been through so much, has experienced such horrible loss as a mom and yet she loves Jesus and desires to do His will and live for him.  I love my friends who have been able to have babies with no problem and are such great mom’s and love their children more than themselves. David and I pray daily for the chance to be parents, to celebrate mom and dad’s day.  As a pastor’s wife there are such interesting expectations and one of them is that we should certainly already have 1 child, and more would be better.  We’ve had to deal with the ridiculous comments of senior citizens such as, “It doesn’t take a year to have a baby you know!” and a lady asking almost every week when it’ll be our turn.  I finally asked her to pray for us and she proceeded to give us pointers on how to get pregnant, based on her own experience.  Sigh…
Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful mommies out there!  You DO deserve a day to be recognized!!!!!  Love to you and GOOD JOB! 🙂

2 thoughts on “A Day for Mom

  1. Oh dear Jeni I can feel your pain. Believe it or not I have been there, struggling with infertility for a year before we were blessed with Lorraine. I do not know wether things will turn out for you as they did for us… God’s ways are a mystery.I will pray for you, for God’s perfect will and timing, and for his comfort. I will pray for His grace to help you take things one day at a time and to focus on his calling in your life TODAY while trusting the future to him. (easier said then done I know.) And remember, when your arms ache… it is ok to be sad.

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