Times Square, Pop for $3.25, Japanese tourists and 200 Year Old Restaurants

It has been another fun-filled day here in NYC!  We are finding that we will never have enough time to do everything we want.  It’s hard to know what to do, what not to do, what will we regret NOT doing?  Gracious!!!!  Before we came David had done some research on-line and has found us some great restaurants for us to go to.  We’ve been too a Brazilian steakhouse, a Turkish restaurant last night and tonight we went to the oldest running restaurant in NY.  It has been serving drinks/meals since the 1700s.  It’s located under the Brooklyn bridge and is currently called the Bridge Cafe.  It was a small little place, elegant but not fussy, and you could see al the character.  Not much has probably changed in there over the years except the introduction of plumbing and electricity.  It was so neat!  The reason we went was because they sell buffalo burgers.  As you may know, my husband is a meat-aholic, and buffalo steak being on of his favorites.  We got there and were told they were out of buffalo! 🙂  Sigh…we had a good time anyway and were glad we went.  We braved the subway ourselves and just had a great time!

This morning I had to be in staff mtg so David ventured out on his own and went to a church a couple subway stops away. After our separate mornings we decided to walk to Time Square (about a mile away) .  We were blown away with the enormity of it all and couldn’t grasp how awesome it truly is.  We stopped at Maxies for lunch, where I ordered a Coke, only to fine we had paid $3.25 for a CAN of COKE!!!!!!  Crazy!!!!  We also realized that the Asian (Chinese and Japanese) tourists are extremely rude and seem to think they’re the only ones on the sidewalk. We tried hard not to get too annoyed…I shall attempt to add some photos…
Tomorrow begins my day of work–the reason we’re here! 🙂 We have about 350 very wealthy people coming here, some already give tons of money to Hillsdale College and the others we hope will give us millions! 🙂  We’ll have a busy day with registration, speakers and the evening will end with a fancy dinner.  It’ll be a long day, but I’m looking forward to it. 
I wish I was better at describing this wonderful city to you.  I think, if given the chance, we would move here in a heartbeat!  We have fallen in love with this city.  If you ever get the chance to come, make sure you do!!!!
Until next time…

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