Back to cornfields…

We’re back now, in Hillsdale. I have to be honest and say I’m a bit depressed. I guess this is normal, especially after having such a wonderful trip. You can ask most people I know and they’ll tell you I love to travel–this is probably much to the chagrin of my husband, who is much more a home-body than I! 🙂 It can be interesting sometimes. But! On this trip to NYC we are both in agreement–we loved that city and would love to live there. Shall we start praying for God to open doors in NYC? 🙂 I know our God is not too small for such things. You may wonder what could be loved in such a large place? For starters, it’s so opposite of Hillsdale. Hillsdale is a place of great depression–highest in unemployment in MI–it seems folks have lost their will to do anything productive. Depression has hit this area hard and it doesn’t take time for it to start effecting you too. There is no pride in business here, no pride in homes, no pride in even the local newspaper. If there was, people would strive to make your shopping/dining experience great (rather than almost constant rudeness), homes/yards would look a little better and the newspaper wouldn’t have so many errors in it. These are only a few things. Hillsdale is a place that people have seemed to have lost all hope. It’s quite sad, really. There are many times that my heart is broken for the people of Hillsdale, for their “bad luck,” for all the rotten things life has given them. But, then we’re reminded that a lot of it has been brought upon themselves. We live in a county that has become so dependent on welfare that I’m not sure they would know HOW to live w/out it. The “good ol’ boys” of the county are doing everything in their power to keep things they way they were 50 yrs ago. It’s so strange to me. All that to say, NYC was the complete opposite! You saw pride in businesses, restaurants were happy for your business and let you know that through their service, people were going places, doing things, not just waiting for someone else to give them a hand-out. David and I were amazed at how FEW homeless and “bums” we saw. We expected to see WAY more. It seemed that most were able to find SOMETHING to do to earn a living–be it a corner street vendor or dressing up as a giant yellow M & M in Time Square. What makes one area lose all hope and another continue on no matter what? (we can all agree, I think, that 9/11 was something we wouldn’t have blamed NYC for NOT getting over, not working through, not being able to get back up from.)

Do I think God is calling us to NYC? No, at least not right now. Our place is here, in boring ol’ Hillsdale. God has much for us to do here and well, that’s overwhelming to think about. I know our place in this world is here in little Hillsdale (which, incidently is about the size of Central Park in NYC). Hopefully, we can spread some Hope to those that God brings along our path. We want to show people that though life may seem to only be serving up lemons and cherry pits right now, we have a Hope that can sustain us through all these things. A Hope who loves us and wants the best for us (though that often means a little effort on our end…).

Our final days in NYC were a blast! We went to a Yankees game (they lost miserably, 12-2, to the Orioles), saw “Phantom of the Opera” (what an AMAAAAAAZING SHOW!!!!!!), had fun getting pastries from a little bakery by our hotel, eating some WONDERFUL Thai food (I got David to try curry for the first time!), and just loved watching all the activity that is NYC. Our flight home was uneventful (praise the Lord!!) and we are back now, in Hillsdale, to continue in the work the Lord has us here to do.

I HAVE to do laundry as we’re out of clean clothes. I can only home my husband has found something to wear. And the house needs a little cleaning. We’re going to get our garden and flower beds planted too! Should be a good weekend, hopefully involving some rest! 🙂 If you’re not on facebook and haven’t seen my NYC photos there, let me know and I can send you a link so you can see them!

Bye for now!


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