Frustration in a small town

For all the complaining that the locally owned businesses do about Walmart and other big guys, they sure aren’t helping themselves.  We went out to get our flowers and veggies for planting only to find that Gleis is closed for Memorial Day!  Who ever heard of such a thing?  This would be a great day to make $$–everyone is home, have the time to plant and garden.  Brother.  How ridiculous!!!  So much for the little guy being there for everyone.  Yeah, we hear this argument a lot.  However, our experience has been that the little guy, or locally owned business doesn’t do too much to keep their customers.  You have all the little greasy (heavy on the grease) diners in Hillsdale.  The service is slow, the food is fair (or below fair) and the employees give you great attitude.  But, they can get away with it because we have no where else to go.  They are it!  Why are they it?  Well, because they have worked out some kind of deal with the county/city commission to sell limited liquor licenses so the bigger restaurants don’t come in.  It’s ludicrous if you ask us.  Why should I spend $3.00 for a toothbrush at the local mom/pop store when I can get it for $1.50 at Kroger or Walmart?  Can you blame the community here for wanting to go where they have to spend the least?  Remember, this is a community that is struggling to make it from day to day.  You can’t very well expect these people to buy stuff at your little store just to support the local business because it’s local.  How ridiculous!  And, don’t the big stores hire locals?  Aren’t the big guys more capable to offer jobs and benefits to the community then the little guys?  Why are we so against them coming?  Quite frankly, I would love for a Target or something else to come to Hillsdale.  It would sure make life a little easier.  Sigh…I suppose this will be a never-ending battle.  The little guys not wanting the big guys to come in, but the big guys coming anyway.  I think it’s a thing we just won’t ever solve. 

Well, that’s enough ranting for today!  🙂

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