There’s something in the chimney!

Last night David and I were watching TV and kept hearing this strange noise.  We often hear weird things due to the property behind our house being a place where a lot of machinery is kept.  After muting the TV I knew I heard the sound coming from the chimney!  David wasn’t too sure.  I convinced him to take a look. 🙂  I cleared the cobwebs out, we got the “sun” (our giant flashlight) and saw nothing, but the sound got louder.  David finally believed me that the sounds was coming from the chimney.  This morning our friend and church trustee, Fred (Mr. Fred to Molly), came over and helped us get a little black bird out of the chimney. I was relieved that it wasn’t a bat! 🙂  Thankfully, the little bird wasn’t dead and was released back to the outside, where David said it took off like a dart!

Why didn’t I see any of this?  Well, I was in the shower discovering that I had a tick crawling on me!!!!!!!!!!!  GROSS!!!!!!!!!!  We get a lot of ticks in this area, what with all the woods and such.  We keep stuff on Molly but they still manage to come into the house.  Usually, David is the one who finds them and flushes them down the toilet, but today, I had the “privilege” of finding one.
We’re off to Gleis (said “gliz”) today to get our veggies for planting and flowers for planting.  We’re looking forward to being farm-like! 🙂 🙂
Hope you all have a great day!  I”m just happy not to be at work today!

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