Gardening for all the world to see….

…or so it seems! Most of you get to garden for the simple pleasure of doing so. You pick out what you want to color your yard, plant it, watch it grow. If some weeds add to the mix, eh, that’s OK. You’ll get to them. If your bushes don’t get trimmed “in time,” eh, that’s OK, they’ll live. Oh to be able to simply garden! 🙂 One of the “joys” of being a pastor’s wife (and living in the parsonage) is everything I do is watched and, sadly, judged. Some think I do everything right and have the attitude, “if the pastor’s wife did it, I can too.” Some judge because they don’t like ANYTHING I do and I can’t do anything right. Sigh…neither view is a good one. But, all that aside, it does produce some funny stories! 🙂 When we first came to Bankers there was much discussion on the fact that I hadn’t yet trimmed the bushes in the front of the house and it was already spring! Ghastly mistake! 🙂 🙂 (side note: I like to have flowers and such, but my passion is not gardening, so some maintenance things don’t always get done when they “should.”) That same summer (can you believe this is our 3rd summer here???) on the church’s cleaning day a lady promptly told me that she had pulled the sweet pea out of the front–very proud she was. I promptly asked why? I was looking forward to seeing that grow–I think sweet pea is pretty! She then curtly responded that it’s more a weed and will take over everything–I felt if she had been a teenager and not a 70+ old woman she would’ve added a “duh” to the end of that statement! 🙂 I was offended at first and then realized it wasn’t worth the energy…we have since learned that this woman complains about everything and feels she’s right about everything…hindsight is always 20/20, right? 🙂 Glad I didn’t waste too much time on that trivial matter.

The next summer, David and I were sure to trim the bushes in the fall (apparently, that’s the appropriate time…), got all the dead flowers pulled before it snowed, raked the yard, basically did what we could to eliminate complaints/comments on the yard. This year we’ve decided we’re here to praise the Lord, do what’s pleasing in his eyes and if the yard gets done, then it gets done. With all that said we did get our garden planted and the flowers planted as well. To work out anger David hand-trimmed/whacked away at the bushes a few weeks ago! 🙂 Amazing how anger can full great energy!! 🙂 🙂 Last night I heard some discussion about the front bushes (who knew bushes could be so controversial?) but couldn’t hear what exactly was being said. Oh, if life were only so good that all we had to complain about was the pastor’s wife’s lack of a green ANYTHING! 🙂

I heard a cool quote today. It’s from Albert Einstein: “If you can’t explain it simply you don’t know enough about it.” Hm…just thought that was interesting!

I encourage you in your gardening endeavours and may you have fruitful crops and gorgeous flowers! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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