Monday blahs

I often feel like Garfield, and share his hate of Mondays. But, then I have to wonder why are Monday’s so horrible? I have no idea! I guess it could be that the weekend is over and we’re back to reality and work. 🙂 Work’s not so bad, though, right? I mean, there are 1000s our there who don’t even have jobs and need them. I always feel bad complaining about it being Monday. Could this be the Holy Spirit convicting me that every day is a gift from Him? Could it be that I need to be more conscience about serving Him and looking for opportunities to do so, regardless of the day? From here on out, I’m going to do my best to not dread Mondays, but see it as a chance to serve the Lord!

We had some weird weather this weekend. Friday the sky turned a yellowish-green color. We were trying to decide if we should head to the basement but took pictures instead! 🙂 Turns out we were fine. Yesterday the sky got more and more dark and we were wondering why we weren’t on the radar on the news channel for getting a thunderstorm. David got on line to check and it said we were under a storm watch. Well, the sky opened up and as David said, we “watched it come down!” I think weather people just pull things out of a hat 1/2 the time! Oh, and I took pictures of this oncoming storm too! 🙂 After about an hour the sky turned brilliantly blue again as though rain had never even been a threat.

I hope you have a good Monday and can use today to find out what all the Lord has in store for you!

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