The Turtle Who Tried to Eat Hillsdale

Usually, Molly is a quiet dog, doesn’t do much barking, only when she wants in. Well, I guess yesterday she was raising cain and wouldn’t stop howling, barking, etc so David went outside to see what all the commotion was! Low and behold there was a turtle out there about the size of a dinner plate! Thankfully, it was out of Molly’s reach because he wasn’t too happy with all the commotion. David got pictures (I’ve attached one here) and the 2 of them had fun watching the turtle “scurry” off into the weeds. We think this “little” guy is the culprit concerning our eaten tomato plants, but who knows? Could be the rabbits too! 🙂 It’s not all bad living in the country! 🙂 🙂 Here’s to turtles and beagles who don’t like them! 🙂

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