Bringing Hope

How do you bring hope to someone who doesn’t believe in the only Hope there is? One of my coworkers/friends, is an unbeliever. She has never set foot in a church save for weddings and funerals. She didn’t grow up knowing/believing in God so why should she now? A few months ago it was found that her dad has cancer. After a round of treatments it was found on Tues. that he is in stage 4 (terminal) cancer, it has grown and not shrunk at all. How do I offer hope to her? I don’t know. I don’t have an answer. I tell her I’m praying for her, but does that mean anything? I sit and listen, offer my help in anyway she needs me. Does this mean anything? Is this showing her the love Christ has for her? What happens when her dad dies? What then? How do I answer the questions about why God didn’t save him? These are things that I have been struggling with the past few months as I try and minister to her. She is a sweetheart and so much fun to work with. I have enjoyed getting to know her. However, I’m always left with the question of HOW? Are you struggling with this question? If not, and you’re a Christian, I suggest getting to know someone who doesn’t have the Hope we have in Christ. We can’t very well spread this Hope if we don’t know anyone who needs it. I’m glad to have this opportunity and until the Lord shows me otherwise, I’m going to keep praying for her, listening to her and being her friend. Jesus was a friend and told people about his love through that friendship. In this crazy world, sometimes I think the best witness we can give is a consistent life in Christ. “Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and praise His name!”

On a WAY less serious note, David’s mom gets in today! We’re excited to see her!!

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