Today, I don’t want to be a pastor’s wife. I want to go give a piece of my mind to the people in the church who are doing things that just don’t make sense. We don’t have a budget for any ministry, let alone vacation Bible school, which is happening this week. However, the trustees want to plunk down $10,000 to pave portions of the parking lot. We won’t be getting health insurance through the church anymore, but thankfully, we can get it through the College, where I work. The problem? What is the church going to do with the money they’re saving by not having to pay for health insurance? What makes a group of people think that just because you’re spending money that means you’re doing something good for the community? I can’t say any of this to these people because this would make my husband’s job harder and well, he just doesn’t need the extra headaches! The best thing for me is to be a sounding board for my husband and love and support him in his struggles. Don’t we all feel like a mama bear when our loved one is being mistreated? I know I do!! Why is it we have to spend so much time on these ridiculous “problems” and issues when there are people around us (and the church) who will die w/out knowing Jesus. This just doesn’t seem right. I don’t understand. I can’t understand. What causes a whole group of people to become so apathetic about EVERYTHING? What causes a group of people to have a vice grip on the money when ministry opportunities come a long but when something comes along to benefit US the money is shelled out? What causes a group of people to dislike seemingly everything their hard-working pastor is trying to do? Why do Christians have to be so horrible? Just think what a church could accomplish if they just put the energy they use to argue and disagree into actually winning people for Christ. We wouldn’t know what to do with all the people! Our churches would be full to over-flowing.

Today, I don’t want to be a pastor’s wife. I just want to be a wife, who goes to church with her husband, and who doesn’t have to deal with all this insanity. I want to be a woman who can go to church, use her God-given gifts and abilities to serve the Lord and hopefully bring others closer to Christ. I want to be a woman who sees all the old ladies and thinks they’re just wonderful, without a nasty/mean bone in their little bodies. I want to go to church, sit in the pew and not be judge just SIMPLY because of who my husband is–heck, I want to sit in the back and not get glared at for taking someones seat.

Today I would rather be anything but a pastor’s wife, but that’s not what God called me to be. He didn’t call me to be the wife of a dr, or a plumber, or a pilot. He called me to be the helpmate to a wonderful man who is dedicated to serving the Lord behind a pulpit. He has called me to sit in the front row and smile at all those old ladies and love them despite their prickly exteriors. He’s called me to love the people of this church and to show them HIS love, however I can. He’s called me to encourage my husband, hold him when he’s down, pray for him to have wisdom, rejoice with him and help in any way I can. God has showed me that I need to be more creative in my ways of serving him in the church. Could it be, that by being real, loving and joyful is the way I need to serve him at Bankers? Could be.

It’s still hard–not always wanting to be a pastor’s wife. But, this is what God has called me to do and I need to be faithful in doing his will. Pray for your pastor’s wife. She is holding a lot of burdens. Pray that today she is encouraged in some way by someone in the church. Pray that the Lord would show her how to better serve her husband and how to better serve Him. Thank the Lord for your pastor’s wife and all she does for you and your church and her husband. I don’t say any of this to toot my own horn. I just see things from a different perspective now and God has really opened my eyes to the lonliness a pastor’s wife can feel. Love your pastor’s wife today and let her know you love her and that you appreciate her!


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