Wholehearted Love

Do you love the Lord wholeheartedly? In our Wed. night Bible study we’ve just finished reading about the kinds of Israel and Judah. Most/all of them in Israel were bad, wicked, wretched. Some in Judah were good. I found it interesting that some were described as doing good in the eyes of the Lord, but didn’t love him wholeheartedly. Due to this they inevitably went astray and their life wasn’t as great as it could have been. This has really made me think–do I love the Lord wholeheartedly, with my WHOLE heart? Are there parts of my heart that aren’t dedicated to him? I think if we’re honest the answer is yes, there are parts of my heart that aren’t dedicated to the Lord. How sad. We have the benefit of seeing how a less-then-whole heart of love affected the kings, but we don’t have that benefit with our own lives. I was telling my women we may not have idols or “high places” that we worship like the Jews did, but there are certainly “idols” and “high places” that take away from our whole love for God. What are some of these idols? Food, toys, clothes, the need to have stuff, keeping up with the Jonses’, watching junk on TV, not being kind to our family members, not respecting our husbands…I think this list could go on and on. I challenged my women to pray and ask the Lord to show them areas that are keeping them from loving him wholeheartedly. I encourage you to do the same. Let it not be said of you and me that we did good in the eyes of the Lord, but did not love him wholeheartedly, thus not living the life we could have lived in Christ.


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