Chug, chug, chug

Here’s another story to add to the strange things of Hillsdale category! David and I were meeting some people from church for ice cream Sunday night. As we were driving we passed a BP gas station, and I see a man on his John Deer riding lawn mower filling up! Yes, that’s right, he had driven his lawn mower TO the gas station, he wasn’t filling a gas can, he was directly filling the lawn mower. We then see the man proceed to drive the lawn mower down the street as though he was in his car. We parked our car and started walking up the sidewalk to the ice cream place only to hear a chug, chug, chug behind us. We turn around and here he comes ON HIS LAWN MOWER right up the sidewalk. I seriously wondered if he would’ve run us over if we hadn’t moved. End of story? NO! As we’re eating our ice cream I look out the window and HERE HE COMES AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!! Zooming around in his John Deer, heading back in the direction of the gas station. How funny!!!!!!!! I don’t know why he didn’t just fill a gas can. Seems to me he would’ve burned up all his gas getting to and from the station. The people we were with didn’t find it nearly as amusing as we did, as we could tell by their polite laughter. Sigh…what is this place that God has put us?

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