Great is Thy Faithfulness

This weekend David and I headed down to Ashland, OH for the 4th. On our way we stopped in Akron to spend time with my Grandpa and his wife, Grandma Hanna. You see, Hanna is dying. Each day could very well be her last. Hanna is not a stranger to our family. She has always been there–over 50 years in fact! She and her husband and my grandparents were best friends. Hanna and her husband had 7 girls, the 1st 3 my mom and aunts’ ages. When my grandma died 2005, (Hanna’s husband died several yrs ago) it seemed only natural that Grandpa and Hanna would form a deeper friendship. This resulted in marriage, and they were married Aug of 2006! It was strange to be married, in some ways, longer than my grandfather! 🙂 They had had lots of discussions concerning the fact that they may not be married for long. They’re both in their 80s and well, they just looked at reality. They have lived each day together to it’s fullest and loved each other and have been good companions for one another. But, Hanna’s dying. how can this happen? How can 1 man love and lose 2 women so close together? How does a person deal with that?
David and I visited with them for a while and when it was time to leave, Hanna started telling us good-bye. Have you ever said a permanent good-bye to someone? She said some things, but there were 2 things that really stood out to both David and I. First, she said that God has been so good to her in this life, here on earth, she can’t even imagine what more he has for her. She said she wasn’t deserving of the good life she’s had here, let alone whatever he has in store for her in heaven. Wow!!!! The other thing she said was, “We can’t even understand the meaning of the song, ‘Great is Thy Faithfulness.’ We have no idea what that means.” She thought back through her life, and though she knew certain places God had been faithful she also knew she wouldn’t fully understand his faithfulness this side of heaven. She looked at me and said, “Next week I’ll be singing a new song.” I hope you are Hanna!!! She has no regrets in this life. She’s ready to meet her Creator face to face. She’s ready to see those who have gone before her. She’s not sad to be leaving this earth, for she knows that what’s waiting for her is FAR better than anything this earth can offer. Will she be missed? OF COURSE!!!! But, who can deny a wonderful person from leaving this fallen world to be in the arms of her Savior?
These few things she said to us really said a lot to me. Am I living my life in such a way that I have no regrets? Do I live each day for my Lord and live it to the fullest? Am I even trying to understand what it means to say “great is Thy faithfulness?” I hope so. I hope that when I’m old and gray (or whenever the Lord takes me home) I can look at my family and say, “I have no regrets,” the Lord has been more than wonderful to me here on earth, what more could he have for me and GREAT is HIS faithfulness…something I won’t understand here on earth.
Great is Thy faithfulness, O God my Father…

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