In the Arms of Jesus

Today Hannah Rork Russell went home to her Savior. She is not longer suffering on this earth. I wanted to attach here what my Mom said this morning in an email to us. She gives you a great picture of this wonderful woman who has always been a part of our family.  We are saddened my her leaving us, but joyful to know we’ll see her again one day!

Hanna was a beautiful woman. She was someone I always loved even as a child. She and Mr. Rork were always very big supporters of us when we were missionaries. I went to their house a lot when I was a child. She made my wedding dress, she was so excited that I had two little girls. She was always a great friend to my wonderful mom. She understood my mother. NOt too many people did, but Hanna always loved my mom. She was at both of your weddings! She really loved you girls. She loved Sophia so much. She hough the world of Jamie ad David! I am sure she is praising Jesus first then talking with Grandma and telling her all about Sophia! 🙂 they are probably having a good time. Just think, Jesus is there to hear all the stories and rejoicing with his children. I am thinking in my simple mind that they are in a very comfy living room in heaven talking! Jesus is the center with his arms around his children! No more pain, no more cancer, just JOY! God is so good. We can’t stop living for Jesus. We have to keep trusting our Lord and telling others about him. This world is so crazy, Jesus is the only answer. He loves each one of us so very much.

The photo above is of Hanna, Grandpa and their 10 daughters (7 are Hanna’s, 3 are Grandpa’s!).


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