Life, Death and Everything In Between

We have made it home today, exhausted both physically and emotionally. It has been a long, hectic last several days. On Friday afternoon David, Molly and I headed down to Akron. We went right to Gpa’s house, had supper with my aunts, Gpa and parents. David and I stayed the night with Gpa, and he would drift off into stories revolving around Hanna and Barbara–the 2 women he loved. Barbara for 50+ years and Hanna for just about 2. Sunday was visitation, Monday was the funeral. Hanna only wanted the family to go to the cemetery for a very short prayer and then we all headed back to the church for a public celebration of life. It involved singing some of Hanna’s favorite hymns, prayer, the pastor saying a small piece and then some sharing favorite memories/stories about Hanna. We finished the time with singing “Great is Thy Faithfulness” which was so bittersweet (refer to a previous blog for reasons).  We had lunch and everyone went their own way.

We went home, planning to have a b-day celebration for Dad (happy birthday to Dad today!!). It wasn’t much of a party as my sister, who is 7 mos pregnant ended up in the hospital with a possible blood clot. none of us were much into partying…Praise the Lord she’s fine! but it was a very stressful several hours while we waited to see what was going on. Even Molly, our dog, didn’t leave unscathed this weekend. Saturday evening she gets one of her claws caught in my mom’s couch, is yelping/crying, blood everywhere, etc.  We opted to just wait to take her to our vet here at home. He ended up taking her nail shell off and she seems to be doing much better. David, too, had trials of his own. Last night we were at the hospital visiting with Jamie and Ruthie and gets very ill himself.  Seems he had a mild (if you call throwing up 7 times mild) case of food poisoning.  Sigh…hopefully the rest of the week will be uneventful…
Praise the Lord for his strength during this difficult times. The photo at the top is from this past Christmas (2007).  It’s the Russell family, including David’s mom Charlotte. We’re missing one more again…

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