Golf, grown men and wayward knives

It’s been a few days…don’t know why, I guess we’ve been busy, tired, etc.  Thursday my folks joined us for the weekend. We had a good time with them, we were all tired from the previous weekend so we didn’t do much, which was fine with us!

Friday I went golfing with several other co-workers for our BABES Golf Outing. I guess this is an annual thing for any woman at the College. It was a good time.  I had never golfed before and was pleased with my ability to make contact with the ball, hit it far, and disgusted that I didn’t seem able to make the ball go straight! 🙂  Ah, more practice…
Friday evening and Saturday provided us with opportunity to, again, see how childish grown people (men in the instance) can act. It’s amazing that the lessons we learn in Kindergarten are things we’re still learning to deal with long after we’re through Kindergarten. We always want things done our own way. As a pastor’s wife, I’ve struggled to know how to best support my husband as he deals with these big “kids.” I feel like paddling them all, but that wouldn’t help any. Sigh…why do we, as grown people act like children?  If our children act this way we send them to their room, take away a privilege, etc. But, somehow, as adults we feel we can act how we want and it’s to be accepted. Brother…it’s maddening.
This morning I was separating 2 patties of frozen sausage for David’s breakfast and the knife did that job and sliced my hand pretty well.  How could I be so dumb?  I know better.  Now, I have a huge, pretty deep, cut in my hand (right where my pointer finger attaches to my palm) that will take a long time to heal.  Be smarter than me! 🙂
I hope you have a great week!  Be encouraged in the Lord this week.

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