I’m craving what???????

They always say that pregnant women will crave strange things. I have come to think it’s only strange to that particular woman because I think we crave (or don’t crave) things that are only odd to us. For instance, it wasn’t until a couple weeks ago that I could truly stomach the idea/taste of sweet things. Even some fruits were too sweet! This is odd for me because I LOVE sweets–cake, brownies, ICE CREAM–but for 4 months of my pregnancy I didn’t even like looking at them. Now that I’m in my 2nd trimester/18th week/5th month, however you want to say it, I have found a new love for…MCDONALDS!!!!!!!!! WHAT IN THE WORLD????? Now, some of you might not think this is strange at all, seeing as how you may just love McDonald’s. It’s VERY strange for me because as a general rule I pretty much hate fast food and McDonald’s is at the top of that list! So, my husband is certainly excited for this craving! 🙂 He loves fast food! I told him to enjoy it while it lasts because post pregnancy is coming and I’m guessing so is the passing of this strange craving. What do I want when I go to McDonald’s? Well, I started with their snack wraps and have now been in love with the hamburgers and I can’t eat unless I have a big cup of SWEET ICED TEA!!! I have always loved sweet tea, but I have a new found love for it now! 🙂 Anyway, both David and I find it hilarious and strange all at the same time that I am craving, of all things, McDonald’s. Thankfully, we do practice restraint and don’t go everyday, but maybe a couple times a week…

I have found that though there are lots of wonderful things about being pregnant there are just so many strange things that go on with your body. My nose has been dripping like a faucet for a month now. I have woken up many nights with drool seeming to be POURING out my mouth. I’m a waddler already and don’t even realize I’m doing it, but my hips and back have never been so tender/sore. My face is nice and clear–this is a huge positive! 🙂 One day I want to eat something and the next day it’s as though I’m being offered worms (although I have learned this week that some pregnant women actually crave eating DIRT!). One moment I’m gleefully happy, laughing hysterically, only to be sobbing the next and not knowing WHY on EARTH I’m doing it. I go from being VERY excited to have this baby to being VERY terrified at the thought of pushing a human out of me. The level of forgetfulness that has come upon me is literally mind-numbing! David has marveled at how forgetful I have become. We’ve been a mess because I’m usually the one who has to remember everything, and well, now we’re both forgetful. Who are you? Why am I in the bathroom (yes, I have gone to the bathroom to pee and have forgotten WHY I was there…). I laugh and tell David that when the baby comes out I’ll look at him and remember all the things I forgot over the last 9 months! 🙂

But, despite all these crazy changes I marvel at the thought that I get to grow a human being inside of me and be a part of one of the greatest miracles that can happen in one’s life. I have always hoped I could be pregnant around Christmas time so I could have a better understanding of what Mary was going through. I won’t be “great with child” in 2 months, but I will have a child inside and wow! To be able to connect with her on this level is amazing! I can now understand her joy, fear, trust in God that carrying a child brings (granted, I’m not carrying the son of GOD, but still, I think you get the point! And, carrying the son/daughter of DAVID is pretty fabulous too! 🙂 🙂 ). Last night David and I were saying how amazing it will be to HOLD our baby and meet him/her for the very first time. To look into his/her face and know that he/she is truly OURS, we did this (with a lot of help from God, obviously). I get down often, thinking of all the housework that needs to get done and David always says, “Stop worrying. You’re growing our child. What more do you need to do?” Wow. I have a wonderful husband, a man I have grown to love EVEN more through this whole process.


2 thoughts on “I’m craving what???????

  1. that’s pretty funny! 🙂 At least this particular “weirdness of pregnancy” isn’t like some of the others you’ve experienced (i.e. puking your guts out). I always crave chomping on ice. Weird. And as soon as the baby is born, I no longer even want ice in my drinks.

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