The wonders of shag carpet

We have settled in quite nicely to our new, temporary home. We continue to be blessed by the church who owns this little parsonage. It’s not as nice as the other one we had been living in for 3 years, but who cares?!? It’s full of love and the people are generous and wanting to just be of help. It’s a much better situation! We have a wonderful greenish/yellow shag carpet in our bedroom. It’s been interesting living with that! 🙂 There are many quirks to the house, but it all pales in comparison to the feeling of NO stress that we feel. God’s blessings never end.

A man from our previous church (incidentally, his father was a preacher at Bankers too, long ago and was forced to resign as well) called David and said he had shot us a deer and as soon as it was processed would be bringing us ALL of the meat!!!!!! WOW!!!! We feel so blessed by that! We’ll have a ton of meat and probably won’t have to buy any for a long time. We have received many such blessings from the Lord and continue to marvel at the healing He is providing us through his children.

David has been in PA this week meeting with 4 different churches. He met with 2 last night and will meet the other 2 today. So far, the meetings have been good and encouraging. It’s great to hear my husband encouraged. We’re thankful for the area minister in NW PA who is taking all this time to help us along.

We hope to know Friday what day David will have gall bladder surgery. No one wants surgery, but I think David will be quick to get in line for this one! He’s been so miserable that right now surgery is a good thing. We’re both hoping surgery happens early next week to give him time to recuperate before Christmas. Hopefully, he’ll be able to enjoy eating Christmas dinner now!

We continue to strive forward and hold fiercely to the hand of our Lord. He is guiding us and directing us and his love and mercies are new every morning. I would encourage you to take time today to think of the ways God has blessed you today, this week, this month. It’s amazing when you start looking. God is good.


3 thoughts on “The wonders of shag carpet

  1. I pray that David’s surgery goes well. If he is having it removed laproscopicly, the recovery time is VERY short. I had mine removed on Christmas Eve in 2003 and felt back to normal in like three days! Everyone recovers differently, but I am sure that he will have a successful surgery and speedy recovery!-Melissa Galloway

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