35, 2.25 & 31

I know, it’s a strange title. πŸ™‚ But, all those numbers DO mean something.

First, the number 35 would indicate the number of years my parents have been married as of today! In a day when marriage is looked on as something temporary or something where minimal commitment is OK it’s refreshing to know that there ARE still those out there who are committed to marriage and are very happy in their own! My parents are lovebirds, for sure! Sometimes we get grossed out, but seriously, I’d rather see them loving on each other than fighting or being mean and horrible. They have not been perfect in their marriage, it has not been without trials and angst, but what my sister and I have ALWAYS seen from our parents is their deep love of God, and then their deep love for each other. We always knew that no matter what our parents would work through their difficulties and differences and loved each other through it all. It has been a blessing for my sister and I to have them as an example of what a marriage is supposed to be. I know we have taken our observations and have tried to implement them into our own marriages. Thank you, Dad and Mom for loving God first, serving him, and through that, loving and serving each other!

The number 2.25 is how much our baby weighs now!!! 2.25 lbs! I had been saying all last week how I just felt huge and felt like I had grown so much recently. Well, apparently I have! Our little one has passed not only the 1 lb mark but is zooming her way to the 3 lb mark too! It’s amazing to think about. She’s also about 14 inches long. Wow!!!! She will be doing a lot more growing, I know, in these next 3 months, and I know I’ll be getting larger and larger. Joy…Actually, there is a lot of joy involved. Now that we’re out of our stressful church situation David and I have been able to focus on the upcoming birth of our baby and we are JOYFUL about it and so EXCITED too!! We can’t wait to meet this little girl, hold her, look at her and well, the end of March can’t come soon enough as far as we’re concerned!

And, last but not least the number 31 is how old I will be tomorrow (January 6)! Since I have been able to get over my 30th birthday I suppose being 31 isn’t any great feat! πŸ™‚ It’ll most likely be a quiet day since we had a wee family celebration in Akron last week. But, birthdays are still fun and it’s the day that is all about yourself and you don’t have to feel guilty about it! πŸ™‚ I have always loved birthdays. Mom always did her best to make them special–a gift at breakfast, our favorite cake, we got to request our birthday meal, and we almost always had a party with friends and/or family. You ended your birthday feeling like the best and most special person in the world! I hope I can pass these things on to our children…

So, there you have it, 3 significant numbers. πŸ™‚ I’m not usually a numbers person but felt it was appropriate today.

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