Red is the color…

I remember a song from my childhood that said, “red is the color of the blood that flowed…” and it was about the blood that flowed from Christ as he died on the cross. Maybe this is why red has always been my favorite color. I have ALWAYS loved red. I can remember as a child loving it, and I am currently very happy that red is so en vogue. Just about anything is better in red, I do believe! Doesn’t red make you feel happy? It’s such a happy color. I remember some grumpy, old lady telling me once that red was the color of prostitutes and any good, Christian girl wouldn’t like it. Bleh on her, I say! Red is a wonderfully, happy color! My eye is automatically drawn to anything red–kitchen stuff, cars, clothes, paint, etc. No, I wouldn’t want my whole house done in red, but I do want to have at least one room dedicated to the color red! It’s such a versatile color, there are so many shades and ways of using it. You can use it as trim or as the star of the show. Who doesn’t love red? Anyway, I have changed my blog to reflect my love of red. Plus, in a couple weeks I’ll be celebrating my 3rd wedding anniversary and then 2 weeks after that is Valentine’s Day! 🙂 I tell ya! From Christmas to Valentine’s Day, it’s a great time for red-lovers! 🙂 🙂


4 thoughts on “Red is the color…

  1. Red is the color of my true love’s eyes, in the morning when we rise.Folk song from 60’s, really it was yellow is the color of my true love’s hair.For most of the 20th century if you liked the color red and admitted it you might be called a communist, or red. That’s why the Reds changed their name to Redlegs in the early 50’s. I went to a movie called Reds thinking it was about baseball, but it turned out to be about a bunch of commies. Jeni, are you a closet commie? :)Anyway, GO REDS!

  2. Great way to show the color red onyour blog. Red had always been up towards the top for me too. Needless to say, Bill thinks “red” is a great color because of his beloved Cincinnati Reds! Red looks really great on you!

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