Week 30…

Hello all! Yesterday started week 30 for me!!!!!!!!! I can hardly believe I’m at this point! I didn’t EVER think I’d get to the 30s!!!!!!! Every day I am closer and closer to holding this little girl and it just excites me and makes me even more impatient!

I do have a prayer request. I know that every woman who has had a baby has had 1 or 2, maybe more, things that have been an extra “thorn” or burden during pregnancy. As you know I was very sick during my 1st trimester. My 2nd trimester was fine, and I was thinking during this 3rd one I’d just be uncomfortable–like everyone else–but have come to realize that’s not going to be all. I have struggled with back and hip pain most of the pregnancy, but it was never anything horrible or unbearable. Well, my right hip has decided to take a turn for the worse. I am not exaggerating when I say I will be attacked with stabbing, searing pain in my right hip. It literally takes my breath away and paralyzes me until the pain goes away. I can’t figure out what the trigger is, or how to make it stop. I do know that I can no longer sit on our comfy furniture (my husband’s office chair is now mine), and I definitely can’t sleep on my right hip (which is causing my left one to get a bit sore). I sit in my chair massager in the morning and when I get home from work (thank you so much Dad and Sue Hardin for getting this for me for Christmas!!!!). It helps to a certain degree. However, if the pain comes I can’t sit down. The only thing that seems to help (to a SMALL degree) is to be standing. When I feel it coming I HAVE to stand, otherwise it’s even more unbearable–if you can imagine. I’m not exaggerating any of this. It brings me to tears every time and each time the pain lasts shorter/longer than the last. It’s so strange. I have decided to wear only my tennis shoes now, in hopes that this will help prevent the pain. I’m going to go see a massage therapist on Sat who I really hope will be able to give me some relief. I would appreciate your prayers. Pray that I am able to endure, pray that I have strength, just pray. I have never experienced pain like this before. Pray for David too. He feels completely helpless. At first we thought rubbing my hip during the pain would help. We quickly discovered that was NOT the case!!!!!!!! Anyway, pray that the next 10 or so weeks go quickly and that through each attack I have the strength to endure. And, I would be OK if you felt led to pray that the pain would just go away! Thank you!

Here’s to being that much closer to hugging this baby! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Week 30…

  1. hey… I too am sorry for this pain… sounds like sciatica related?? that is common but not fun during pregnancy. I get lower back twinges, but certainly not like that. I will pray for you as I feel my somewhat minor aches… lately mine have been more so in my pelvic bones… just aching… too many babies! 😉 Praying for strength and grace… and yes, joy in the waiting. Love you! Fun blog site… 🙂

  2. Thanks for the prayers! I greatly appreciate them! I’m thinking it’s prep for labor/delivery. I just keep telling myself there will be a cuddly baby in the end! 🙂 Thanks about the background too! I thought it was nice and happy looking–a good change from the weather outside! 🙂 Love you!

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