All I Ever Wanted to Know…

…about breastfeeding! We finally had our very first birthing class last night. It should’ve been our 3rd class, but with all the nasty MI weather we’ve been having the last 2 weeks were cancelled. So…we started off with a bang and learned about breastfeeding. I must give kudoes to my husband, who endured 2 LONG hours (for him) looking at photos and a video describing EVERYTHING about nursing and the possible problems, etc., all the while with naked breasts being flashed. I think all 4 men were uncomfortable. Apparently, I owe him big time, though he’s not sure how yet. 🙂 He’ll manage. He’ll be fine. 🙂 I wonder what wonders behold us in the remaining weeks?

4 thoughts on “All I Ever Wanted to Know…

  1. I have been here laughing – sorry David – at how David must have been feeling.(I’m sure most men would have felt the same way – Bill would have!) Once that precious baby girl is here – David will forget all about how uncomfortable some of the classes (maybe all of them) were! We will be keeping you both in our prayers!! Love you,Sue

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