Freezing, frigid, artic, just plain COLD!

I don’t know about you, but I HATE being cold. I hate for any part of me to be cold, from my nose to my toes! I just hate it. I’m sure growing up in the tropics, on the equator, has something to do with it. Maybe I would have been this way anyway, even if I hadn’t grown up in the tropics. All I know is I HATE to be cold. This year in MI our winter has been frigid. We are excited to see temps in the double digits and even MORE excited if they reach 20! I keep waiting for the whole being-pregnant-and-hot thing to kick in, but to no avail! I have been freezing cold my entire pregnancy (even when first pregnant during the summer). I guess I’m an odd ball. I have yet to find another woman who was cold during her pregnancy.

Due to our furnace acting weird, having someone look at and forgetting to turn it back on last night, the house was 43 degrees this morning when I woke up!!!!!!! Aaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!! I had a very cold time in the shower this morning–praise the Lord for HOT water!!! Thankfully, none of the pipes froze during the night. In any case, a tech is coming out today to see what’s going on. You don’t realize how much you appreciate your furnace until it’s not working properly. Oh, it gives off heat, but it shakes the whole house and sounds like an airplane flying overhead while doing so! 🙂 OK, enough complaining about being cold! 🙂 Although, I really do hate the cold…

I’m starting my 31st week of pregnancy! I can hardly believe it. We’re now in single digits as far as the countdown is concerned. I’m getting more and more uncomfortable as the days go on, but I know it will all end, and I won’t have to live like this forever! 🙂 I had a pregnancy massage done Saturday, which was just heavenly, and have implemented her positioning of pillows while I sleep. I woke up this morning not at all sore and am encouraged to try it again tonight! My poor husband. Just adding more and more to the bed. I think we should rent a King sized bed until after the baby is born! 🙂 He’s such a trooper and tells me not to worry about it–yeah right! I do hope this helps. My sciatic nerve pain seems to be more bearable. I have been trying a lot of different things and they all, or at least something, seem to be helping. No more dress shoes for me! Tennis shoes for everything now, I have a pillow behind my back at night (so I don’t roll over onto my right side in the middle of the night), and I have been doing a rocking motion at the kitchen counter which seems to get the baby to move. All these things have been helping. Plus, I sit in my chair massager and that helps too! It seems everyone is having dreams about this little girl! My mom had one last night that the baby came out sporting a pink ribbon in her hair, and I was perplexed as to why God would put a ribbon in her hair. David and I are having dreams that things go wrong. I’m guessing this is normal, and we’re just worried about everything. We have nothing to worry about at this point and have every reason to believe I’ll have a normal delivery. But, I suppose somewhere deep in our brains (or maybe not so deep) we do worry that something could go wrong. We just can’t wait to see her and with each week we get more and more impatient!


3 thoughts on “Freezing, frigid, artic, just plain COLD!

  1. Jeni, Sounds like you need to drink wine and eat greens to stay warm.I set the thermostat at 40 here. Put on coats and sweaters. One lump of coal should be enough. Baa humbug!

  2. We sure hope they fix your heat – it is suppose to get icy here tonight! Your being anemic will cause you to be even colder! I went through that when I was anemic years ago! I wore three layers of warm clothes and was still cold – and the temperature was nothing like you are experiencing! Glad the massager helps!!!!! Speaking of that – I think I need to go sit on mine! :):) Try and stay warm!! Love you!

  3. okay, so, BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Hope you warm up while at work and that the house is nice and toasty when you return!!! Please don’t go crazy cleaning for our visit either – I could just help you when we get there!

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