January 28

Today may be a day of no significance to you, but to me it’s the day that changed my life forever! On January 28, 2006 I married David Austin Hardin. I suppose I should say the day I met him changed my life forever, but well, I can’t remember that exact day (it was late June 2005)! 🙂 It was a beautiful day in January, believe it or not it was 57 degrees! Today we’re at 14 degrees with 3 inches of fresh snow and more coming.
We met on eHarmony.com. Now, just 3 years later, this has become something of the norm, but just 3 years ago it was still pretty new and different. The first time we talked on the phone we both knew we would get married. We didn’t say so at the time, but we discovered later it was a thought we had both had during that conversation. When we met on-line David was a youth pastor in Muleshoe, TX and I was a customer service rep in Akron, OH. We weren’t sure how that was going to work, but through unexpected events David ended up moving back home to Huntington, WV. At the time we didn’t fully understand why God allowed it to happen the way it did, but it makes more sense now. We had a short dating life, knowing full well we were “meant to be” and in mid-September of 2005 David proposed to me. My ring is beautiful, the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. It’s also extra special as it’s sporting the diamond that used to be my great-grandmother’s and it was her aunt’s before that! It’s very old and my setting goes along with it. We were then married a few short (though they felt VERY long) months later. With a nice honeymoon in Jamaica we were moved up to Hillsdale, MI 2 weeks after we got married. I think we’ve been running ever since and life just doesn’t know how to slow down! 🙂
I love this man, who is my husband. I find every day more reasons to love him. I find more ways to be thankful for him and am often amazed that God would bless me with such a wonderful man. I always prayed for a good husband and God answered those prayers and gave me even more things that I didn’t even know I needed or wanted at the time. I’m so glad God knows best! 🙂 Do we have a perfect marriage? NO!!!! We argue (usually when we’re hungry) over the silliest of things, we get mad at each other and say things that are hurtful. However, I will say that through those things we have been able to understand each other better and have more love for each other because of them.
We know we’re young in our married life and we have LOTS more to learn. But, I would rather learn those things with this man than with anyone else. It’ll be interesting to see what all this year holds for us. We know for sure we’ll have a new baby girl and David will have a new job. The whens and wheres of that job are yet to be determined but we’re excited to see where God leads us!
I love you David! I’m so thankful for you and can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together! Happy Anniversary!!

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