Waiting, waiting and more waiting

Do you ever feel like all you do is wait? Wait in line, wait your turn, wait for a certain date, wait for a certain event. Sometimes I wonder if life is just about waiting! I mean when I was younger it was all about waiting until you were old, like 20 years old (hm, now I’m 31, am I ancient now?)! 🙂 Then it was a waiting game to see who you would marry, if you would marry. Then, waiting for kids, on and on it goes.

I have felt like our life in the last year has been all about waiting. Waiting to see if God was going to call us on from where we were serving. He did, and then we had to wait for WHEN we were to move on. He showed us that too. We waited to get pregnant, I’m pregnant now and waiting for the birth of this baby. We’re waiting to see where God would have us go next. Wait, wait, wait…tick, tick, tick…I’m a pretty impatient person. How often do we say “I can’t WAIT until…” That’s how I feel right now. I can’t WAIT until I hold our baby for the first time. I can’t WAIT until God tells us his plan and shows us where we’ll be serving next. I can’t WAIT to see where we live, what kind of house we rent/buy. I can’t WAIT to see how many more blessings the Lord sends our direction.

Sigh…I hope you’re able to wait better then I am!


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