Attitude Adjustment Needed

As I’m nearing the end of my pregnancy I’ve noticed I have been having a bad attitude. I just want the baby out. Most of my reasons are selfish–I want to walk and not waddle, I want to breathe and not pant for air, I want to eat and not get heartburn, I don’t want anymore sciatic nerve pain, I want to sleep one both sides, back and stomach if I so desire, etc., etc., etc. Of course, I can’t wait to meet our baby, to hold her, look into her eyes for the first time. I wonder: does she have hair (will the heartburn theory prove true?), and if she does, what color is it? Will she be long and lanky or short like me? What kind of clues of her personality will we notice right away? Yes, there is much anticipation. My father-in-law tells me I should use the Carly Simon song “Anticipation” for my blogs. I’ll have to see if David has this song amongst his 1000s on the ipod. 🙂
With all this pregnancy thinking I was curious to know the gestation period of other mammals. Here’s what I found–prepare for a slight biology lesson! 🙂 There are three winners for the shortest period coming in at 12-13 days: the American opposum, the rare water opposum (or “yapok”) of central and northern South America and the eastern native cat of Australia! Think how many babies we could have in a month at this rate! 🙂 Of course these little guys are born premature and carried around in pouches. I’m not sure I’d like a pouch. I have enough issues with my stomach! 🙂 The winner for the LONGEST gestation period is the African elephant who carries her babies for 660 days on average, but can go as long as 760!!!! That comes out to 1.8-2 years!!!!!!!!! Now, THAT I CAN’T imagine! 🙂 Praise Jesus I don’t have to be pregnant that long! Here are some others I found: rabbit 33 days, llama 330 days, leopard 94 days, sheep 148 days and a wolf at 64 days. We humans gestate (is that a word?) an average of 266 days which is about 8 days beyond 9 months. How interesting it is to think that we’re all mammals, we carry our babies inside the womb–we don’t have to sit on eggs–and we nurse our children and care for them in a lot of the same ways, but our creative God made it so that we are all different. Not one mammal (even in her own species) carries her babies the same as her neighbor. We’re all unique, different, but created by the same loving God.
I think that from now on I need to adjust my attitude accordingly. I need to be utterly thankful I’m not an elephant and not be jealous of the opposum! 🙂 God knows what he’s doing and for reasons only He knows carrying a human baby for 9-10 months is just what he wants and how he designed it. I shouldn’t complain, and I should just trust that He knows best and be thankful I don’t have to go any longer!

4 thoughts on “Attitude Adjustment Needed

  1. Jeni…trust me…your “waiting” on this little girl of yours has only just begun!! Soon it will be…I can’t wait for her to wake up so I see her beautiful eyes…I can’t wait for her to sleep thru the night…I can’t wait for her to walk, to say “momma”, to start school…to meet a boy…to get home from that date she left on four hours ago…til her wedding day…to have this baby she has been pregnant with for what seems like 12 months! Life is FILLED with waiting periods…just sit back and enjoy the wait…God certainly is!!!

  2. I love your honesty! I think many women feel as you do but are afraid to voice their thoughts. You always bring it back to God knows best! Take care. That beautiful little girl will be here soon. As always, praying for you.Love, Aunt Cathy

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