34 weeks and counting!

I can’t believe that yesterday began my 34th week of pregnancy! I also can’t believe that in 4 short weeks it’ll be OK to have the baby!! Am I ready??????? David and I were asked that yesterday and he responded, “Well, it’s a little late if we’re not, right?” I guess that sums it up pretty well! 🙂 Oddly enough I haven’t been going nuts trying to get things in order or all set up. I’m sure this is partly due to the fact that we don’t have a specific room TO set up. It’s all good though! Thankfully, the baby won’t have any idea that she’ll be sleeping in my old cradle, which is sitting on 30+ year old yellowish/green shag carpet! 🙂 We’ll take photos, though, to remember! 🙂 I’m ready to have this baby. At times I get a little freaked out thinking of the whole labor/delivery process, but then I remember that I don’t have a choice, it’s going to happen regardless of how “ready” I am and women have been doing this successfully for centuries! This is what my body was designed to do. We’ve also been asked how our stress level has been. Again, David has summed it up well. He’s without a job and we have a baby coming in a month or so, but compared to the stress we had at our previous church this is nothing. In fact, we feel LESS stressed then we did when he had a job. Interesting, huh? Yeah, that’s how bad things were.

My family is giving us a baby shower this coming weekend. We’re most excited to go home and see people and be showered! 🙂 I think receiving all those little baby things will make things even more real!!

So, am I ready? Sure! Why not? 🙂 I don’t have any other choice anyway and it’ll be so wonderful to finally hold this baby girl and see her and show her off to everyone and anyone willing to see her! 🙂


One thought on “34 weeks and counting!

  1. Almost done!!! 🙂 It’s amazing, really, to believe that this natural stress of having a baby is nothing in comparison to “that place.” Wow. Oh, and I bet that green/yellow shag carpet is way over 30 years old. :)Btw, we can’t wait for you to have her either. Then we’d actually get to know what her name will be. 😉

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