Speed Dating? What?

Today and tomorrow my husband will be “speed dating” and I’m perfectly OK with it! But he’s married! What is he thinking?? Aren’t I upset with this? Outraged? Well, no. You see he’s “speed dating” with churches. That’s right! Churches! 🙂 Ok, so it’s not the same as what actual speed dating is, but it’s similar. You see, David is at a Face 2 Face where he will interview with 8 different churches in 2 days. I get tired just thinking about it!! This particular F2F is being hosted by the ABC of IN/KY and the churches attending are mainly from IN, KY and OH. David received limited profiles of the 15 churches who would be there and had to tell the ABC office his top 8 choices for interviewing. That’s who he’ll be speaking with today and tomorrow. He’s going to be exhausted when he gets home, but we’re really praying that our next church will be amongst this bunch. So, no, I don’t mind if my husband is doing this sort of speed dating! 🙂

My parents will be here tonight to spend the weekend with me/us. I’m just too close to delivery (end of week 35!!!) to want to be alone right now. They’re going to help me get everything organized and settled (clothes, etc), and Mom is going to make a few meals to freeze so we have food after the baby comes. It’ll be a busy weekend, but a productive one. My parents are machines when it comes to stuff like this! 🙂 They’re fabulous with this sort of thing.

I was overcome with emotion this morning regarding the coming of our baby. It’s strange how some days it just hits me–OW! 🙂 But, this morning, I started crying out of pure joy and delight of the thought that in a few short weeks I will be holding our baby, this little one I’ve carried for 35 weeks now (we’ll see how long I’ll REALLY carry her!!), who’s kicks I’ve felt, who’s little feet get jammed into my ribs every now and again. 🙂 I am so excited to have her, hold her, hug her, feed her, take care of her and share this joy with my husband. He has been completely involved, but I’m sure it’s been hard for him as he can only be on the outside right now. I am so excited for him to hold her and touch her and feel her move more than just placing his hand on my belly. Oh, it’s going to be so great!!!!!

Here’s to being a mommy!

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