Large and In Charge

Well, I have been feeling large as of late. Could it be due to the fact that I’m at the END of my pregnancy???? Yes, I suppose so! I’ve been getting the usual comments of “my, you’re getting huge/so big/etc!” Why is it that just because a woman is pregnant everyone seems to think they can say whatever they want? As though being pregnant means you no longer have feelings. Au contraire my friend!!!!!!! Anyone who’s ever been pregnant knows you’re even MORE full of emotions and feelings during pregnancy. However, I just smile and nod and think “what an idiot” when people say such mean and obvious things. Would you like me to tell you “My, you sure are getting big/huge/fat!” Or, “my! Your makeup sure looks terrible today!” or any other such thing? Ok, so maybe I’m being a bit sensitive, but seriously, most of these insensitive comments come from WOMEN who have been pregnant. Do we forget so quickly? I sure hope not, but apparently so! The next time you see a pregnant woman say some of these nice comments that I have been told, “you look so great!” “you’re glowing!” “you look radiant!” See, much nicer. We’d all love to be told these things instead. I would love to say to a person who says I’m getting “so big”–REALLY? I hadn’t noticed! Duh…

ANYWAY! I went to the dr yesterday for my 36-week check up. He comes in and looks at me and says, “We have a big baby in there!” This is before he’s even done any examining!!! Great…I was expecting to be told that the baby is about 7 lbs or MAYBE 7.5 lbs, but after a thorough exam we find out she’s AT LEAST 8 LBS!!!!!!!!!!! Omigoodness!!!! The dr then informs me that she will more than likely be over 9 lbs, depending on when she’s born. OK baby! come SOON!!!!! The longer she’s in the oven the bigger she’ll get. However, I must say, I’m thankful that all is well, she and I are both healthy and doing just fine. I am 1 cm dilated and my cervix is softening. I was hoping this would be the case, but didn’t want to get my hopes up high as I also knew it might not be happening yet.

We are so thankful for the health and good pregnancy the Lord has blessed me with. I have had very little water retention, just the usual aches and pains. Even with puking up my guts the first 16 weeks was normal and I survived! 🙂 I really can’t complain. Yes, we’ve had a few things like my low iron and now my thyroid is wacked out, but these are also things that are VERY treatable and not anything to get too worried about. God is so good. My prayer now is that I have a smooth and normal labor and delivery and don’t have to have a c-section. However, I am coming to peace with the thought that if I DO have to have a c-section God will still be with me even then, and I have a very capable dr who will do his best.

The next time you see a pregnant woman tell her how beautiful she is and not how big she’s getting. She knows she’s big, but she probably doesn’t feel too beautiful!

3 thoughts on “Large and In Charge

  1. This post was funny to me, as I’m the “guilty” one for mentioning that you were getting huge. It NEVER crossed my mind that anyone would take that as a mean comment. I loved being pregnant. I loved getting bigger and bigger, as it was proof that my body was working correctly and that time was getting closer and closer to the day when I’d be able to hold my little ones.My babies were born big (10lbs, 5 oz and 9lbs, 11oz), so you can imagine how large and unsteady on my feet I felt. But I still loved it. And after experiencing a miscarriage, I treasured even more the evidence of a large belly.So I’ll take this moment to apologize if my comment made you feel bad. It never occurred to me that anyone wouldn’t enjoy this part of pregnancy–especially after spending so many weeks/months not being able to eat or gain weight.You’re a lovely mom-to-be. And it’s an honor to have been a witness to your changes.Hugs to you!

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