One day at a time

I’m tired. That should just be the end of my blog post today. Simply, I’m tired. I’m so glad we’re only required to take one day at a time. God tells us not to worry about tomorrow, it has enough troubles of it’s own! But, we silly humans like to think about the future and fret and worry about it and I can’t help but wonder, does that make us more tired? We waste so much energy on thinking and worrying about things that haven’t even happened yet that we exhaust ourselves. Now, that’s not to say we shouldn’t plan ahead or prepare for things in some ways, but I don’t think we ONLY do that. I think we plan/prepare and then fret and worry and say it’s OK because I can’t be caught unaware! How silly we are and how silly we must appear to our Father.

Alas, I’m still tired. I’m not sleeping well, which at this stage in pregnancy it’s amazing I can do much of anything. DEFINITELY in the whole beached whale stage! Sitting, standing, laying down, it doesn’t matter, it’s all uncomfortable. I find it a chore to breathe, let alone walk and breathe, or talk and breathe. It’ll be nice when the baby drops so I have a little less pressure on my lungs (of course then the pressure is elsewhere). I am certain God allows a woman to feel so uncomfortable at the end so she’s willing to do just about anything to get the baby out! 🙂 He knows there will be pain and work ahead (they don’t call it labor for nothing), but I think it might all pale in comparison to the daily discomfort one feels at this stage. I’ll let you know! 🙂 Despite feeling so tired, I do get bursts of energy (save for today, I do believe). I was tired when I got home from work last night, but suddenly had this burst of energy and got a lot done! I find it funny how that’s working!!

Anywho, I’m one week closer to holding this baby and SO thankful for that!!!! Hopefully, I won’t fall asleep at my desk today! 🙂

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