Warning: Irrational Pregnant Woman Ahead

I was COMPLETELY irrational yesterday. David and I always drive separately to my OB appt as I’m coming from work and he’s coming from home. After the appt I left and thought he would follow, but he turned and went a different direction. I figured he had discovered a “faster” way home and was trying to beat me home. I got home and he wasn’t there so I was pleased I had beat HIM! 🙂 Well, I called his phone, no answer. I thought that was kinda weird, but maybe he just didn’t get it out of his pocket in time. I called again, still no answer. I called probably 5 times with NO answer any of the times and he still wasn’t home. All I could think was he had left me in this hell hole with a baby and a dog. I KNOW!!!!!! Completely irrational!!!! I have NO IDEA why I thought this, but I did and of course the longer he was gone and the more times he DIDN’T answer the more frantic I got. I called one last time and he answered, of course completely oblivious to my state of mind (BTW, he had been in a “dead zone” and had no clue I was even trying to call). I asked where he was, he didn’t know, I said what do you mean, and he explained that what he thought would be a shortcut ended up getting him lost! He was home shortly after. He walked into the door, saw my face and asked if I had been crying. I said, as I burst into tears, “MAYBE!!!!” I was then crying and crying and crying and then suddenly started laughing as I realized just how ridiculous it all was!!!! Poor guy. He just hugged me and held me and probably wondered what alien creature had overtaken his wife’s body…Oh! These blessed hormones! 🙂 🙂 🙂 We got a good laugh out of it anyway. Seriously, I have NO idea what I was thinking–clearly I was off my rocker for a time… 🙂 🙂


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