Ranting Ahead!

I feel the need to rant. Why is it that people feel the need to tell me to “enjoy having the baby where it is now because when she’s born life will never be the same?” Really? I had NO idea (insert very sarcastic tone). I would just like to know what’s wrong with being excited for what’s to come??????? I mean, isn’t that why you have babies? Because you want them? Of course, we’ll all answer yes to that, and I believe most women do think this. However, I have encountered some folks who seem to think that having a child is just another part of life, like getting a new car or something. How silly!!! Now, I’m not so naive to think that everyone is thoroughly excited to be a parent. I understand things happen in life that we don’t plan. But, please, why would you tell an expectant mother they’re cute now, but wait until they’re older. As though that should make a difference. It’s like people who say they like kittens/puppies but not cats/dogs. Very strange to me.

This whole train of thought bugged me when I was dating and engaged. Oh, enjoy your engagement, you’ll never have this part of your life again–GOOD!!!!! Isn’t the point of being engaged? To get married? And if I said yes to the engagment isn’t it OK to be even more excited to be married??????? Seriously folks–there’s nothing wrong with being excited for what’s coming.

Please, save a breath and stop telling me to just enjoy being pregnant–which, BTW, is something I have NOT enjoyed at all–as though this is the ultimate. Sorry, the ultimate is having this child, watching her grow into a toddler, a little lady, a young lady, a woman. If you can’t be excited for what’s to come I have to wonder if you’re excited at all about what is actually happening. I might be being too harsh, I don’t know. It just irritates me to be told to enjoy the now because life will be so different when you’re married, or the baby comes, or…Hey, guess what? I KNOW!!!! That’s the whole point!


3 thoughts on “Ranting Ahead!

  1. You are so right to enjoy EVERY moment of being a parent! From conception, it’s a journey that you don’t want to miss. And looking forward is a gift that the good Lord gives us. To be able to dream of what she may become. To imagine how you’ll interact and how you’ll shape and guide her. It’s all so precious. I couldn’t wait for my daughter to be a teenager. Because that was a part of my life that I was so in touch with and I couldn’t wait to share that moment of her life with her. And it was rich! I loved every minute of it. The burgundy hair. The punk stage. The cheerleading. The saxophone, the electric guitar, the accoustic, the Doc Martens, the heels and pearls. I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world. And I still enjoy looking back on the dreams I had so long ago, and watching how the dreams evolve into other wishes and hopes. It’s all a gift. Enjoy every aspect of being a mom. Now may be good, but it gets BETTER!Hugs and stuff!Margie

  2. Some people are just plain stupid! Children are wonderful! Try to ignore those comments, honey.But I understand why you got upset!I remember( so long ago) people saying the same things to me.Love,mom

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