The Things I’ve Learned So Far

I’ve been a mom now for 1 whole week. I know, not too long, but I can’t imagine being anything else at this time in my life. And, I will never NOT be a mom again. I love that thought! It’s scary to think that for the rest of my life I will be helping to shape and mold my children. I mean, my mom has never stopped being my mom. Our relationship has changed over the years, but she is still my mom and I still go to her for help, comfort, encouragement, etc. I know I have MUCH to learn about being a mom. I know I’m going to mess things up really badly at times, I know I’ll lose my temper, I know I won’t always know what to say. But, I also know that God has brought me to this point, he has been preparing me for 31 years to be at this point now. I know he has given me the tools I need to accomplish this thing called mommy-hood.

Now, there are a few things I have learned so far in my week as being a mom. First, I will never visit a new mom and her baby without first calling and setting up a time that is good for THEM. And, to go with that, I’ll arrive at the time set and NOT stay for an hour or more. In and out–that’s what it needs to be. We had some well-meaning folks come to visit us yesterday. They were late, and stayed for at least an hour.  Poor Cora needed to eat, but I didn’t know how to tell them to leave and they were making me too uncomfortable to just nurse her while they were here. Sigh…Please, folks, when there’s a new baby be considerate. Don’t stay very long.
I’ve also learned that my baby isn’t going to shrivel up and die–this lesson learned thanks to my sister calming me down when I felt Cora wasn’t getting enough at her feedings. I’m not saying that all worry is gone, but I’m seeing that she’s fine. I may be teaching her to eat, but she IS getting it, she is getting nourished and she’s not all dehydrated or anything.
I’m learning just how much babies poop!!! Good gracious! You change the diaper and I swear they know you’ve done so and in their minds they’re thinking “thanks! Now I have room to go again!” Sigh…thankfully, my husband has been great in taking his turn when it comes to the dirty diapers! 🙂
I know I’ll be learning more things, even today, but these are just a few of the lessons coming to mind now.

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