It’s Easter weekend again. I love Easter. I used to always think that Christmas was my favorite holiday, probably because I was young, immature and more interested in the gifts I’d receive than the actual meaning. But, as I’ve grown older, and hopefully more mature, I have grown to love Easter. It is, I believe, the pinnacle of the Christian faith. Without Easter where would we be as Christians? We would have no hope. The Christmas story would be just a nice story, no further meaning to it.  However, the point of Christmas, our Messiah coming, was for the Easter story–God, sending us his Son, as a baby, growing into a man who had a ministry and then allowing this Son to die a horrible and brutal death on a cross so that you and I might have eternal life with God in heaven.

Yesterday was Good Friday, the day in the Christian faith we designate as the day Jesus died. Today, Saturday, is a very sad, dark day to me. I mean, the man who was said to be the Messiah is dead. Where is the hope in that? What the disciples must have been thinking. They had spent 3 years with this Messiah, living with him, traveling the country with him, hearing his messages, putting their trust and faith in him and now he’s DEAD??? What went wrong? How could this have happened? Wasn’t he the all-powerful Son of GOD? What did they miss in all his teachings???

Thankfully, the story doesn’t end at his death. Thankfully, there is something more–which is what we will celebrate tomorrow–on Easter Sunday. On the 3rd day he rose from the dead!!!!!! WHAT??? How can this happen? No one is able to do that. No human can just raise from the dead. That’s true–no HUMAN can. But, the Son of God CAN and he DID!  What a joyous moment it must have been when it finally clicked in the minds of the disciples when they realized their Messiah truly WAS the Messiah, wasn’t dead after all and had risen from the dead.  Their hope had been restored. They knew they could go on.
Folks, we have this same Hope today. This hope of Christ, our risen Savior, is ours to have. It’s yours to have.  Without Easter we have no hope. Without Jesus dying, taking our sin upon himself, raising from the dead we have no hope, at all. But, He did do all of these things. Why? Because he loves me, he loves YOU. Do you have this hope? Do you know this Jesus who loves you so very much? Who loves you enough to die for you? I hope so, but if not, can I share with you more about him and the hope you can have in him?
Happy Resurrection Day and may you find the hope He offers you today!

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