Getting Settled

Cora is, today, 3 weeks old. Wow!! Where has the time gone? What’s happened to these last 3 weeks? How can it be that 3 weeks ago I was thoroughly exhausted and exhilarated at just giving birth to our baby? Before we know it Cora will be driving! 🙂 OK, so that’s still a ways off, but I’m sure when that time comes we’ll think it was just yesterday that she was a newborn.

We seem to be doing OK. We have taken great lengths to get some kind of schedule in place for Cora with good feeding times, naps in the morning and afternoon and a regular bedtime. Those these times fluxuate a bit, we seem to be falling into a pattern, for the most part. I know, just as we get used to this it’ll change. Ah well. Life is full of changes.
We have noticed that our little girl is a morning person. I’m beginning to wonder if morning naps are even going to happen?  She is wide awake as soon as I feed her at 8:30 and really doesn’t seem interested in falling asleep until later in the afternoon. However, it’s fine as she sleeps quite well at night. I’ll be glad when we can eliminate the midnight feeding, but I’ll take that feeding to her waking every 2 hours. 🙂
She went on her first walk yesterday, enjoying her new stroller, which was given to her by her great grandmother Reynolds. We had a great walk–enjoying the weather that was in the 60s. I felt my bones beginning to thaw. We’ll go again today to enjoy more of the winter thaw! Cora is starting to be more awake for her feedings, which is a huge help to the whole process. OK, so she still needs a lot of coaxing for most of her feedings, but I have noticed a slight change in her being more awake. I’ll take whatever little improvement I can get.
She is such a joy and delight to us. We love looking at her face and watching the little faces she makes. We know she’s just exercising those muscles, and has gas, but they’re so cute nonetheless.
I need to go for now. Baby is calling…

5 thoughts on “Getting Settled

  1. As I write this at 7am, having been up since six with all of the kiddos…. I think “I remember when 830 seemed like morning instead of the middle of the day!”You are doing a great job with Cora Jeni!

  2. Has it already been three weeks? I can’t remember when she wasn’t here! :):) We love you Cora Ann, and we love your Mommy, Daddy, and Molly too!!! Hugs and Kisses!Mammaw and Granddad Hardin

  3. Happy 3 Weeks Cora!!! We love you. You and David are doing such a wonderful job!!! I’m so proud of you both. Cora is so blessed. Love you all, Ruthie

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