How do I Love Thee?

I love your little toes that you’re learning to wiggle.

I love your little ears that I know you’re hearing my voice with.
I love your little lips that you’re learning how to move and make cute faces with.
I love your little legs that your just now enjoying to stretch.
I love your little head and wonder what things will interest you to learn.
I love your little hands and am excited for you to explore the world with them.
I love your little blue eyes and wish I knew what you see through them.
I love YOU, Cora, and love being your mommy already. 
I can’t wait to tell you I love you and for you to understand exactly what that means.
I’m excited to share the love of Jesus with you and have already been praying that you accept his love and live for him. 
How do I love you? What do I love about you–already so many things. I so look forward to our future as mommy and daughter and can’t wait for the memories we’ll make together.
I love you Cora Ann!

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