4 Weeks Old!

Today Cora is 4 weeks old! I can hardly believe it!!! Where have these 4 weeks gone? Much of it is a blur of sleeplessness, diaper changing, nursing and cuddling. But, I know it’s been a good 4 weeks too. We have had non-stop visitors since Cora was born. It’s been great to have all the help, but David and I have been glad for the few days of being just us too!  Cora is growing, though not as great as we had hoped. Today was her 1 month check up and we discovered she is not back to her birth weight yet. This isn’t good, the pediatrician said he thought she should be at least 8 lbs by now. So, with discussing with him how much she cries, won’t be consoled, etc it was determined that she is simply hungry!! Oh my. Talk about making a mom (me) feel terrible!!! Apparently, I’m not producing enough milk and so my hour long nursing sessions are still leaving Cora hungry and wanting more, hence the crying. I’m to nurse her still, but only for 10 min on each side and then give her formula for the rest of the feeding. I feel greatly relieved!!! I have wondered for a while now if she was getting enough. Something inside of me told me she wasn’t. I had prayed that the Dr would be able to shed some light on the situation today and am so thankful he did! So, we are now doing both nursing and formula and I’m just thankful we have this option! 

We will be spending the next 10 (?) days with family. We’re leaving tomorrow for Huntington to show of Cora to her great aunt J and her great grandparents on David’s side. We’ll also get to show her off to David’s church “family” while there! We’ll then head to Akron on Wednesday to show her off to my family. This trip will also include David having a second interview and preaching opportunity at a church we are very much interested in! We would appreciate any prayers concerning this! We are VERY ready to move and get settled in the next place God has for us. 

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