Long Awaited…

Well, I have had issues getting photos loaded to my blog. Mainly, it’s due to the internet service we have at home. So, I’m trying AGAIN since we’re somewhere else and the signal seems to be good here. In any case, these are from our travels 2 weeks ago and Cora meeting her extended family. Enjoy!

Uncle Jamie

Great Grandpa Russell

Great Grandpa Johnson

Great Grandma Johnson

Great Grandma Layne

One thought on “Long Awaited…

  1. I love these pictures of great-grandparent (and Jamie too :):):))! just thinking that there is a four generation gap between Cora and those holding her – priceless. Can’t even imagine what is going through their minds as they hold this precious baby girl – memories of years past, wondering what the future holds for Cora, and the thankfulness of how good God is!

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