7 Weeks and Counting!

Tomorrow Cora will be 7 weeks old! WOW! How is it possible that 7 weeks have already gone by? How is it that my baby is almost 2 months old??? Has it really been 2 months? Apparently so, but it sure doesn’t seem like it’s been long enough. 

Cora has had an exciting 7 week life so far! She has been on many travels. She’s already been to 4 states–MI, OH, WV and now WI. She has met all 
but one of her great-grandparents, 
her 2nd cousins and a 3rd cousin!
She’s been passed around and held by countless people, “cheered” for her daddy’s Reds and made it through her first major thunderstorm. She’s survived her eating woes and is growing by leaps and bounds. She has been sung to, rocked, had countless diapers changed, taken many gas drops, been burped, given pleasure to her mom and dad and loves her “sister” Molly. She has been a very busy little girl!
Every day, it seems, Cora’s neck gets stronger and stronger and she’s been been able to hold her head up for longer periods of time. This week she’s started sleeping longer stretches of time at night giving her parents more sleep–which they greatly appreciate! She is starting to coo, smiles when being talked to and is discovering she has arms and legs that she can move on her own! She’s also letting us know when she needs her diaper changed–or at least we’re finally figuring out that she’s letting us know! Her belly seems to be doing better with her new formula and she is just an overall happy baby. 
David and I are still learning much. We are continually learning what her different cries mean. We’ve been able to distinguish between “hungry” and “mad.” We’re working on “tired” and “diaper change.” We are enjoying interacting with her and love that she’s now responding to our silly antics to get her to smile–tummy poking, singing silly songs, making funny faces, you know, the usual! 🙂 We are adjusting to getting little sleep and learning how to better-communicate with each other now as parents. 
What, oh what, does week 8 hold for Cora? I have no idea, but I’m sure excited to find out!

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