Throw it All Out the Window!

I have come to realize that the words written in books by experts is a bunch of hogwash. Well, maybe not totally, but well, if you’re a mom  you know what I mean. As a new mother during my pregnancy I read the books and made my husband read the books and now they’re just collecting dust. Everything I’ve read about sleep schedules and everything else has not worked for us and from what I can tell other mothers think the same thing. I think it all sounds very nice and it’s all good in theory but, well, it’s not working for us. I have a child who REFUSES to sleep during the morning, takes naps most of the afternoon and then goes to bed at night and sleeps most of the night, usually only getting up once. So, take that experts! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Throw it All Out the Window!

  1. Jeni,You and David are wonderful parents and Cora will get settled into a schedule soon. Books are good guidelines, but you’ll know what’s best for your family. God will bless the three of you! Love,Momma.

  2. You are a great mother Jeni! It is truly the only “right” thing to do what works for YOUR family and pleases the Lord. I know this season has been hard, and may continue to have it’s challanges, but hang in there!!! You are doing great and God will see you through it just like He always has! I love you!!! Ruthie

  3. Those books are like the ones I read before becoming a teacher. Kids will always say/do this no matter what – according to the experts! Hmmm – the kids didn’t read the same books I did because they didn’t do as the books said they would!!!We’re just thankful Cora is sleeping at night so you all can get some rest!!! Hang in there!!! Love and PrayersSueLooking forward to seeing YOU ALL this weekend!!!!!

  4. Jeni,Always do what’s best for you, David, and Cora. The books are ok for some guidelines but all children are different. I know I don’t have to tell you that. Steve took 2 naps everyday but not Tim and Chris! Tim was so sick when an infant I rocked him to sleep almost every night. It was to keep my sanity. Anyways, do what’s best for Cora and ignore the experts!!!! Love you allAunt Cathy

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