Getting Better?

After about 3 days of many meltdowns for Cora David and I decided to find another pediatrician to get a 2ND opinion in regards to the colic. We weren’t completely convinced she has colic and just wanted to hear another opinion. We figured if she did, then she did and we’ll have to deal with it, but we were also concerned there could be something else going on. I asked a friend of mine where she takes her little girl and made an appointment with their pediatrician. We had a very good visit with the new doctor and came away feeling much better about things. This doctor is not convinced either that it’s colic but rather wonders if Cora isn’t getting enough to eat AGAIN! We were following the instructions of the other Dr and well, apparently that wasn’t working. This new Dr also suggested we try a different formula just in case. We have been using the new formula and feeding Cora more for about 24 hours now, and we have a new baby. She hasn’t had ONE meltdown, has fallen asleep on her own and is just happy and smiling! Wow…We don’t know if it’s the formula or her getting more to eat, but whatever it is we’re very happy! And, more importantly, so is Cora! Maybe she’ll be sleeping through the night soon???


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