Chipmunks in the road…

On my way to work today I about ran over a chipmunk two differint times! What’s with the migrating chipmunks, and why are they choosing the road to do their migrating? 🙂 I know they’re destructive little buggers, but they sure are cute!

Yesterday was my first day back to work. It was a hard day. I kept a smile plastered on my face while at home and while I left, but as soon as I got to the car I started to cry. Oh, I miss that little lady of mine! I don’t want to miss a second of her growing up, but that’s not to be right now. The only thing helping me get through this is knowing it’s temporary. I will have to say, though, kudos to my husband!!! We are currently reversing our roles, and I know this is so hard for him. However, he’s a trooper and doing a fabulous job!! We’re thankful I had a job to go back to as our savings were just about gone.

Oh the ways the Lord has provided for us these last 12 weeks and really these past 6 months! We had help purchasing a much-needed van; friends of ours have given us money on a regular basis, just because; our parents have helped with buying diapers, formula and clothes for Cora and things for David and I; we have a warm, dry home to live in for cheap rent and we’ve yet to see a utility bill; we had money saved up and have been able to live off of that while I was on maternity leave; we’ve done a lot of traveling and visiting with family, which has helped with our grocery bill; we quickly met our insurance deductible and were blessed with assistance to help pay those medical bills until it was met; our pediatrician ordered us a case of the VERY expensive formula Cora is on and just GAVE it to us. The Lord has granted us health during this time, for me, David and Cora, even Molly our dog has not been sick! He has provided us with friends and family who love us and have been keeping us in their prayers and who have been huge encouragements to us. Has this season been easy to live? No. Has it been without trial? No. Have we always had the best attitude? No. But! One thing we do know is that God has been, and continues to be, with us and has provided for us in ways we never imagined. For this we can be thankful. For this we can have hope.


4 thoughts on “Chipmunks in the road…

  1. Just don't let PETA know you ran over chipmunks. If they will get after the President for killing a fly, imagine what they would do to you!!:):) Hang in there with work.LoveGrand dad

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