Ode to Dad

Dad with Mom and Cora at our family birthday celebration this past weekend.

Today is my Dad’s birthday! I wanted to take some time in this blog to tell you about my dad and what he has meant to me over my 31 years of being his daughter. My dad and I have always gotten along. There isn’t any big memory of me hating my dad, or not wanting to be around him. He was my hero, my first knight in shining armor, my math tutor (MANY tears shed over math!!!), my guinea pig with my first attempts at cooking (and always telling me it was good). He showed me what it was to be a man of God, to be a good father and husband and helped me to see what it was I needed to look for in my future husband. I could always go to Dad with a question, he would either have an answer, or make one up. 🙂 He seems able to fix anything. I think I have probably always been a “daddy’s girl,” and I’m just fine with that. I’m proud to be associated with my dad and love him very much. Dad, I hope you have a really wonderful day today. You are a wonderful husband, father and grandfather. I’m so glad Cora has you in her life!! I love you Dad!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


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