A Few of MY Favorite Things…

I don’t have any grand thing to blog about today, but thought I would try to tap into my creative side and come up with a list of MY favorite things! 🙂

1. Freshly baked bread dripping with butter and honey.
2. Sweet and juicy oranges.
3. My baby’s smile and kicks and when she sees me 1st thing in the morning.
4. My husband laughing uncontrollably.
5. Rain on a tin roof.
6. A good book.
7. A ginormous piece of chocolate cake.
8. Lasagna
9. Laughing until I can’t make any sound.
10. Nutella
11. Sitting for as long as I want on a beach with nothing else to do but listen to the waves.
12. Sunsets, especially in Africa.
13. Watching my dog bound through tall grass when we go for walks.
14. News from friends.
15. My niece’s hilarious antics.
16. My nephew’s deep, brown eyes.
17. Preparing a meal for my husband and hearing him say, “that was great, Sweets.”
18. Curling up with a good book on a rainy day.
19. Taking a long (3-4 hour) nap on a Sunday afternoon.
20. My engagement/wedding ring set.


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