Beware the Evils of…LUNCHMEAT!

Ooooooo…aren’t you scared? Aren’t you shaking in your boots (or sandals, since it is summer!)? Due to Cora needing a special formula (Alimentum by Similac, which is, by the way, the most expensive kind you can get), and since it’s costing us $300.00 a month we decided to sign up for WIC. If you’re not familiar with WIC it is a government program designed to help Women, Infants and Children up to age 5. They provide food “packages” for the mom of cheese, bread, juice, beans, peanut butter and some $$ to go towards buying fresh fruits and veggies. Apparently, the whole WIC system has just undergone a renovation so things are slightly different then they used to be. Now, the pkg for the mom is available until your child reaches 6 months and then the child stays in the program until age 5. The pkgs for the child change according to their development and nutritional needs. In any case, right now, we need help with formula!!! I know we won’t be on WIC until Cora is 5, but for now it’ll help meet a need! So, all that to give you background as to our time at the WIC office yesterday! 🙂

We had a meeting scheduled at 4 p.m. yesterday, which we quickly realized was an arbitrary thing, not really a meeting. After sitting in the waiting room for about 45 min listening to a bunch of kids screaming, playing LOUDLY, parents yelling louder at them to “BE QUIET,” we were finally called back. We sat with a nurse (?) who asked all sorts of questions to be sure we qualified (we do). She then weighed and measured Cora, weighed and measured me and took a pin prick of my blood to check my iron. Then it was BACK to the waiting room where the previous screaming kids were replaced by new ones! We waited some more and were called back to meet with another nurse (her lab coat said she was a RN). She did the setting-up. There was MUCH confusion as to why we weren’t already in the system, she couldn’t understand that we were just now signing up for WIC. I’ll spare you all the details, but we eventually got it figured out.

Now to the title of my blog! 🙂 After asking us such questions like: do you put pop in your baby’s bottle, honey on her pacifier, etc. the lady saw that we were intelligent people and good parents. We kinda got the feeling that she was TRYING to find something to lecture us about and wasn’t finding anything. I mean, we do eat fruits, veggies, don’t smoke or drink, etc. What more could there be???? Well, thankfully for her, she kept at it and FINALLY found something that we were doing “wrong”. That’s right folks. WE EAT LUNCHMEAT!!!!!! GASP! Can you believe it???? We aren’t drunks, don’t smoke, don’t do drugs, but we sure do love us some lunchmeat! Well, talk about a attacking something! She said to me, “you do steam your lunchmeat, right?” I said, “no, what do you mean, ‘steam it’?” Well, that brought on a big lecture about the evils of lunchmeat and ended with giving us another pamphlet clearly outlining the dangers of the vile stuff. Brother. The lady didn’t seem to understand that I wanted to make my baby’s food, but she sure did understand that we eat lunchmeat. (By the way: we eat stuff that is thinly sliced chicken breasts, ham, roast beef, not processed, or with preservatives. Quite fine and healthy and not needing to be steamed.)

Well, after our time in the WIC office we left wondering what our fearless leader was thinking wanting to give our country government-run health care. Can you imagine dealing with this sort of thing every time you needed to see a doctor? But, that’s a topic for another day and not at all to do with this blog! If you want to read a good blog on health care, read this from my husband’s blog. Very interesting!

Oh, and beware lunchmeat! It’ll get you!!!


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