You Know You’re a Redneck When…

David and I went for a walk this afternoon in our little neighborhood. There is one house we hate walking by for a few reasons. Their yapper dog has decided that it should chase us when we walk by; their other dog is much larger and scarier and tied to a shaky shed. When we walk by we always wonder if today is the day dog and shed will be chasing us down the street; and, last but not least, the owners of the house have a flag on before-mentioned shed that says, “kill them all, let God sort them out!” So, you know, they’re the real friendly sort! All that to say we hate going by this house. Well, today we were getting close and saw said yapper dog wrestling around in the yard with what we thought was another dog, a puppy perhaps? Well, the closer we got we could see it was NOT a dog. A cat, maybe? No, not a cat. What could it be? Just as we were asking each other what was in the yard with the dog we saw the big, bushy, striped tail–A RACCOON!!!!!!!!!! That’s right, folks. The dog was wrestling around with a raccoon! As we past the house we saw that the raccoon was not only in the yard, but had a collar on and was chained up!!!!!!!!!!!! What in the world?????? We picked up our pace and passed quickly. When we got back to our house I mentioned again how strange and then realized the raccoon wasn’t in the yard on our way back. David asked, “Was it a pet, or dinner?” We’re afraid to ask!

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