What? No Pulpit?

What is it that makes us such habitual people? My mom is often saying that we’re all a little autistic, meaning we all hate change and when it really comes down to it don’t like to have to do, see, think about things differently than we already do. This is especially true in churches. Have you ever stopped to wonder about the things we do during a church service, why we do things when we do? Have you ever stopped to ask yourself, “If we didn’t do ______ would the building come crashing down around us?” Being a pastor’s wife I have become even more in tuned to the habitual ways of humans–just try sitting in a new spot one Sunday and see the havoc set before you! See, as a pastor and family you come into a new church as a guest, a newcomer, a not-so-familiar person. Your husband is hired to do a job and hopefully by the time he’s hired you and the church have a good understanding of what they want, and what your husband’s vision is. It’s very easy to assume a lot of things. I mean, your church has been doing this, that and the other for YEARS (some centuries) and well, that’s how it’s always done and don’t you know, over time, you start thinking that if it’s NOT done a certain way you think it must be un-Biblical? You’re laughing because you know it’s true! I mean, if you don’t do the bread before the GRAPE JUICE (no good Baptist uses wine during communion, don’t you know) well, that’s just terrible! If you baptise backwards and not frontwards it didn’t really take. If you sing the Doxology BEFORE the offering that just doesn’t make sense (and, you laugh, but this really did happen. Should we praise God from Whom all blessings flow regardless of how much is in the plates–hence singing before). ANYWAY! I digress…

David, as you know, has been searching for a job. It’s most interesting when you meet with different churches. You can get a pretty good feel for what they’re looking for simply by their questions. Like, a church that asks me if I play the piano is really wanting the most traditional kind of pastor’s wife–the kind who does everything her husband doesn’t do, even though her husband is the hired person. Basically, a 2 for 1 deal! The church who asks me where I feel my gifts are is wanting a pastor’s wife who is willing to serve the church just as she would any church according to her strength’s and gifts. When one of the 1st questions David gets asked is concerning visitation you know it’s a church who is set in old fashioned practices and requires their pastor to be at their every beckoned call, rather than understanding boundaries. But, the church who asks David what his vision is for ministry and how he plans to use his gifts for that is a church open to doing the things the pastor feels God is wanting them to do. See the difference?

Oh, boy! I digress again! David was speaking with a member of a search committee today. He had sent them a DVD of one of his sermons. A sermon he preached in a church that is contemporary (meaning he didn’t wear a suit, not even a tie! GASP!). The lady asked if he was actually in a church as it didn’t look like a church, there was no pulpit after all! 🙂 Sigh…we creatures of habit. I mean, Jesus spoke to the multitudes behind a pulpit, right? I think that was Peter’s job, to carry it around with them all over the place. OK, a little sarcasm…

Anyway, I encourage you, challenge you to look at the traditions (that is often all they are) and ask yourself, why do we do it this way? And, ask yourself what it might look like if you DIDN’T do it that way. Would the building really come crashing down? Would you be less of a Christian? No. In fact, chances are you’d experience a time of worship much more fulfilling due to the fact that you are allowing yourself to be open to the moving of the Holy Spirit! Come on…you can do it! 🙂


3 thoughts on “What? No Pulpit?

  1. We were at a second hand children's store today and there was this little suit for a toddler. Jamie asked, "What do you think? From a wedding?" I replied, "Or, maybe just a Southern Baptist!" 🙂 Except, thankfully, that doesn't fit our church! Praise the Lord!

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