6 Months Ago…

UPDATE (9-29-09): Cora is now 19 lbs and 26 1/2 inches long! She has grown 6 inches since birth!!! How is that possible? She had her shots and a toe prick to check her iron levels. She was given a good bill of health and doesn’t need to go back until she’s 9 months old! A huge blessing in all this…We learned yesterday that our dr. will not charge full price on vaccines if your insurance won’t cover it! Our insurance does NOT cover it so we are VERY thankful for this!!!! Praise the Lord for his provisions again!!!!!


…our baby was born! I won’t say it. I’m not gonna say it! You can’t make me say it! OK! I’ll say it! I CAN’T BELIEVE CORA IS 6 MONTHS OLD!!!!!!!!! There, happy? 🙂 Yep, she’s 6 months old. Though I’m writing this the day before I’ll post it, it was 6 months ago today that I didn’t think my child was ever going to be born. It was about this time that I finally decided to get an epidural and the lady couldn’t do it, and I felt totally hopeless. Praise the Lord for the next guy who came and DID get it in and, oh the heavenly bliss!! I was able to rest, David and my sister were able to rest and maybe Cora too? Not sure. I didn’t know that I still had several hours ahead of me, but man, I couldn’t wait for this baby to come. And now, here we are 6 months later and my newborn is no longer a newborn or an infant, really. She’s a baby and quicker than I would like she will soon not be considered that! We have had so much fun with this little one these past 6 months. We’ve struggled with feeding issues, napping, and teething. But, the fun we’ve had far out-weighs the other stuff!

She is literally learning new stuff every day. It’s fascinating for me to watch. On Friday she was sitting up for about 30 seconds before leaning too far one way and toppling over. In just one day she went from that to sitting up for several minutes at a time! She’s a talker and will gab away at her toys, in her bed, in her swing, on the floor or in her car seat. It’s so hilarious! She has said what sounds like “da-da” though we’re not sure yet if she knows that that means! 🙂 She is rolling everywhere and knows that if she wants something in particular she need only roll toward it to get it! She is so aware of her surroundings and knows when Mommy and Daddy are not around–which she doesn’t like! She is also very much aware of Molly, the dog. She LOVES for Molly to lick her hands and will reach her hands out to Molly just to get licked and will then giggle with glee when Molly does. Cora is great at laughing and gives us great pleasure when she giggles at just anything.
She’ll go for her 6 month check up on Monday so I’ll have to add an addendum to this blog with her growth progress.
I love this little girl and am so thankful for her! How can 1/2 a year of having her have passed so quickly? I so look forward to the next 6 months and beyond!

3 thoughts on “6 Months Ago…

  1. Happy six months birthday to our precious baby girl. We love you and can't wait to actually be able to hold you and give you a real hug! For now, let Mommy and Daddy give you one from us!Mammaw and Granddad

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